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Alternative produkter for AP11 Autopilot

AP24 Autopilot

Simrad AP24 har en stor LCD skærm med tydelige bogstaver, tal og symboler.

Simrad Robertson AP11 Autopilot

The design of the AP11 Control Unit matches perfectly with the Simrad IS11 instrument range

Simrad AP11 Robertson Autopilot

Simrad Yachting manufacture a complete range of autopilots for all types of vessels, from leisure boats up to advanced steering systems for merchant marine vessels. Our factory for these products – branded Robertson – is located in Egersund on the south/west coast of Norway. The company's involvement in autopilots began in 1953 with equipment for the North Sea fishing fleet. Professional mariners around the world acknowledge that the Robertson name is synonymous with the absolute best in autopilot technology.


The design of the AP11 Control Unit

matches perfectly with the Simrad IS11 instrument range. The combination of AP11 and IS11 instruments provide power and sailboats from 30-45 feet with virtually all functions and features required in automatic steering and navigation today.


The brain in the AP11 autopilot system

is a single "intelligent" J3000X (or J300X) Junction Unit that communicates with the AP11 Control Unit and interconnects all other system modules. It provides power to a various and well proven selection of drive units; electromechanical and electrohydraulic with reversible motor or constant running pump with solenoid valves.


Dual station applications

can be satisfied by adding an additional full function control unit at the second station. A separate hand held remote control with MANUAL/AUTO mode selection is also available as a useful supplement to the operation of the AP11 Autopilot. Rotary or linear rudder feedback units provide a high resolution and precise rudder angle signal, an important factor to the enhancement of the AP11 autopilot steering capabilities.


The AP11 autopilot system

includes NMEA0183 input and output ports. The NMEA input allows a single navigation receiver and speed and wind sensors to provide input to the system. The NMEA output provides heading and rudder angle to separate IS11 instruments or to the IS11 Databox. Depending on the autopilot configuration and the equipment that may be connected to the NMEA input, other NMEA data may also be available at the NMEA output.


The time proven experience of the Robertson engineers and the computer power in the AP11 system has made it possible to automate and simplify the setup and installation procedures. One important feature is the capability to set up automatically the steering parameters and select the scaling factor for speed and hull type; power (planing or displacement) or sail. Proportional rate output commands and an adaptive sea state filter contribute to enhanced steering performance in any sea condition.

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